Monday, October 25, 2010

Drillers at DVs

Drillers 4, DVs 3

The Fungoes win the NERDD with the Drillers coming in second. The Drillers will be the second wild card in the playoffs.

From our girl in Tulsa...

In a series reminiscent of previous years titanic struggles, the DVs and Drillers waged an epic series that took the entire 7 games to decide. (Not really I couldnt get these piece of crap games done fast enough!).

Drillers take 4 of 7- heres a breakdown:

1 Drillers win 12-4. Haren Ks 10, Longoria collects 3 hits and Drillers punish their former teammate (and now former DV) Aaron Cook.

2 DVs win 2-1 behind Cahill and 5 relievers that hold the Drillers to 6 hits

3 DVs utilize the resurgent Derek Lowe to a 1-0 shoutout. DVs only have 3 hits off of former Polish Olympian Mark Rzepczynsk-ksnyzcpezR, but one of them is Ian Kinslers 36th home run. Kinsler remarked after the game: This is better than winning the World Series with the Rangers in 2010

4- Drillers win 7-4 as the Drillers hammer Roy Halladay for 6 runs in 4 IP. Jeter goes 3 for 3 and the Driller LaRoche has 2 HRs (the DV LaRoche has none)

5 DVs hammer Jeff Niemann for 9 runs in 5 IP and win 9-4. Cahill completes his rookie season with another win to move his final record to 6-12

6 Drillers prevail 2-0 as they only get to see Aaron Cook for 1 batter as the DVs quickly go to the bullpen while banishing Cook to detail Halladays car in the players parking lot for the remainder of the game. Hamell (Jason, not Dorothy), Wilson and Hoffman combine to limit the DVs to 5 hits

7 Drillers continue their mastery with a 1-0 shutout. Mark Rzepczynsk-ksnyzcpezR (with his mother and potato farming father in the stands to see him play in person for the first time) combines with Wilson and Hoffman on a 4 hitter. Seth Smith hits a home run for the games only run. Todd Helton makes the final out in the DV season (perhaps the last ever in a DV uniform?).

DVs end 72-90 going 9-22 over the last month plus. Interesting that the team hit .252, but did not have anyone hit under .200.

Good luck to all in the playoffs Stanton, Castro, Hellickson and Wallace look forward to their first post season appearances next fall.

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Norm said...

No faith that the Tweeners will win their final 16 to force a tie-breaker? It actually happened once before.

Pigman said...

Nah... no faith. Oh, wait... are all 16 games at the Hoover Dome???