Friday, October 22, 2010

DVs at Drillers

Drillers 6, DVs 1

From the Driller Dude...

Drillers go 6-1 at home vs DVs.

5/9 Haren vs Cook – Haren gets the win behind a couple of walks, an error and a sac bunt in a 2-1 game at the Mud Pit.

5/10 Lincecum vs Lowe – Drillers out hit the DVs 8 to 4 yet can’t score a single run in a 1-0 loss.

5-11 Niemann vs Cahill - Drillers score 5 un-earned runs to slither away with this one 6-5.

8/4 Haren vs LatosSeth Smith hit a 2-run HR (1-3) in the third and another 2-run tater in the 5th (1-19). Haren calle dit a day in the 6th as things got out of hand. Drillers win 10-2.

8/5 Lincecum vs Lowe – Drillers break a one - one tie in the 5th to take a 3-1 lead on three SBs, two PBs, with walks to Pierre and Ellsbury. Drillers win 5-1.

8/6 Niemann vs Kazmir – You didn’t just start a lefty against me! Drillers win 6-3.

8/7 Rzepczynski vs Cahill - Drillers take game seven at home 5-1.

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