Friday, December 18, 2015

Broken Records

I have updated the pages in the Archives section.

One interesting stat is from the Team Winning Records page, where the Fungoes, after 28 years in the league, have exactly the same amount of wins as losses.

Almost all of the batting record adjustments made for 2015 were for futility. The Buckeyes set new record lows in On Base, Runs Scored, and Hits. They would have set the new low in Batting Average, but the Bees beat them to it. The Buckeyes hit .21975; the Bees hit .21964. The Inmates joined the fun by setting a new league low in Bases on Balls.

The only positive name added to the batting records this year was by Jonathan Lucroy of the Mavs, whose 64 doubles tied for the 5th best single season.

By contrast, pitching records were dropping left and right. The Warpig staff set new league lows in ERA, Runs Allowed, and Hits Allowed. They also demolished the record for Shutouts with 31. The Tweeners tossed 24 shutouts, which would have broken the old record as well. The SuperGoofs broke the top 5 for league bests in ERA and Runs Allowed. The Sidewinder staff broke the league record for most Strikeouts. The Fungoes broke their own record (set last year) for fewest Walks, and they were joined in that category by top 5 performances from the Wahoos, SuperGoofs, and Tweeners. The Warpig staff joined another list by allowing the 3rd fewest homers ever.

Individually, several pitchers made their mark in the NASOMA record book. Garrett Richards of the Warpigs had the lowest ERA in league history (1.50), and the Tweeners' Felix Hernandez (2.11) also joined the top 5 in the ERA category. Richards and his Pig teammate Lance Lynn each made the top 5 in the Shutout category with 8 each. Anibal Sanchez of the Wahoos went 17-1 for a winning percentage of .944, besting the .943 that Greg Maddux had in 1997, when he went 33-2. The best part of the Anibal line is this: He started his NASOMA career with the 2007 DVs, going 13-0, and just missing the record, which requires a minimum of 15 decisions.

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