Saturday, December 12, 2015

2015 NASOMA Playoffs - Zaps and Wahoos

Wahoos and Zaps have arrived. They're about to start.

Game 1 - Wahoos (Arrieta) at Zaps (Kluber)

Zapper: This is the first time I've touched these cards since the draft.

Zapper: If I lose this first game, I'll need a nap before I continue.

The Zap 20-sided is the size of a golf ball.

Not sure of the score, but it sounds like two slow pitch softball teams are playing.

Okay, 6-3 Zaps going to the 5th.

6-5 going to the bottom of the 5th.

Try to keep up... Zaps lead 8-5 thru 5. Big blow was a Machado homer one batter after Pedroia (2b-1e4) boots a grounder.

Hoos leave em loaded in the 8th. Down 9-5.

Hoos strand 2 more in the 9th.

Zaps win 9-5.

Game 2 - Wahoos (Zimmermann) vs Zaps (Scherzer)

Wahoos lead 3-0 early in game 2.

Wahoos running away with this game.

Wahoos win 7-1. Jordan Zimmermann and friends throw a 3-hitter.

Game 3 - Zaps (Hamels) at Wahoos (ASanchez)

On a 1st inning grand slam by Chris Ianetta, the Wahoos lead 4-2 after 2.

Wahoos lead 10-4 after 6.

Wahoos win 10-4. They take 2 games to 1 lead.

Game 4 - Zaps (Greinke) at Wahoos (HAlvarez)

Zaps score 4 early runs.

Okay, it's 4-2 in the middle of the 5th. Not just the middle of the inning, but the MIDDLE of the inning. I mean,there is a guy on base. At this point, the Zapper realizes that his text answer from several days ago that said he didn't care what drinks I had was maybe NOT the best answer... because I didn't get any beer. So right now there is a delay as the Wahoo takes the Zapper to buy beer. I hope he charges him Uber prices.

Ian Desmond hits a 3-run homer and the Wahoos win 7-4.

The Wahoos lead the series 3-1 and can wrap it up at home in game 5.

Game 5 - Zaps (Kluber) at Wahoos (Arrieta)

This series just got interesting. The Wahoos led 10-1 and had Grape Nehi on ice in the clubhouse, but the Zaps scored 10 runs in the last 3 innings to win 13-11. They head back to John Olerud Park for Game 6.

Game 6 - Wahoos (Zimmermann) at Zaps (Scherzer)

Wahoos win 1-0 and move on to the second round.

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