Saturday, December 12, 2015

2015 NASOMA Playoffs - Sidewinders vs SuperGoofs

The Sidewinders and SuperGoofs will kick off the 2015 Post Season. They should be starting shortly. I'll update after every game.

Game 1: Goofs (Tanaka) at Sidewinders (Lester)

Goofs win 3-1 in 10 innings - Denard Span slipped a 2-out, 2-run single past Dee Gordon on a 2b-x roll in the 10th. Josh Hamilton homered early for the Goofs. Hutson Street went 3 innings for the win.

Game 2: Goofs (Hughes) at Sidewinders (Sale)

I think I'll blog a little... I'm in the next room listening to the play by play. This will probably be the only game I'll be able to do this.

The Snakes hit 2 solo homers (Belt and Mesoraco) but the Goofs tied it with 2 in the 6th. They're in the 7th now, still 2-2.

Haven't heard from Wahoos or Zaps, but they should be close.

Top 8. 2-2. Snakeman's sobriety is on the line.

By the way, there are donuts (thanks Fungoman!) and breakfast tacos. And the FFTs are en route with tamales. Come on by!

The 8th was quiet. On to the 9th. Still tied. Andrew Miller vs Huston Street.

Sidewinders win 4-2. Big Papi hit a 2-out, 2-run homer in the bottom of the 9th. Miller with the win; Street the loss.

Game 3: Sidewinders (Cueto) at Goofs (Darvish)

Spoiler... the Snake bats have warmed up. And the Zapper is here. Coincidence?

The Snakes scored 5 in the first. Sucks to be Yu.

Right now it's 6-0 in the 6th.

Snakes win 8-1. They are up 2 games to 1.

Game 4: Sidewinders (Ross) at Goofs (Ryu)

Snakes lead 4-3 in the 4th.

4-4 after 7.

Torii Hunter allows a ball to fall for a double, then picks the ball up and tosses it over the stands for a 3-base error. In the bottom of the inning, Justin Ruggiano tries to copy the strategy, allowing a double and a 2-base error. Game is tied 5-5.

They're now in the 12th.

Mesoraco hit a 2-out, DO1/fly, for an RBI. Snakes with the lead.

Goofs load the bases in the bottom of the 12th, but Wade Davis gets Hunter to end it.

Sidewinders win 6-5 in 12 innings to take a commanding 3-1 lead in the series.

Game 5: Sidewinders (Lester) at Goofs (Tanaka)

2-2 after 6. David Freese hit a BP (1-2) homer for the Goofs.

Snakeman: This game is giving me the drizzlin shits.

Denard Span hits a walk off homer in the 10th inning, and the Goofs win 3-2. Back to the Snakepit.

Game 6: Goofs (Hughes) at Sidewinders (Sale)

The Snakes were leading 1-0 midway thru, but it's now 4-0 in the 6th inning.

Going to the 7th.

Snakes win 8-0 and advance to the second round.

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