Thursday, October 01, 2015

Extra Reserve Pick Update

In a word, we all SUCK at predicting Major League Baseball.

Not a single person picked the Mets or Rangers. Only 1 team picked the Royals. 3 teams picked the Blue Jays. 1 team picked the Yankees to be a Wild Card. And while several teams picked the Cubs or the Pirates, nobody picked them both.

There are only 3 teams who have their World Series Champion pick still alive. 1 Dodger, 1 Cardinal, and 1 Angel.

Now that all the division winners are set (and almost all of the Wild Card teams), the point standings are:

1st. Goofs and Tweeners, 6 points

3rd. Buckeyes, Drillers, DVs, FFTs, Inmates, Mavs, Warpigs, Zaps, 5 points

11th. Snakes and Wahoos, 4 points

13th. Fungoes and Bees, 2 points

15th. Rhinos and Nads, 0 points

The team with the most possible points (if everything broke right the rest of the way) is the FFTs, who could earn a whopping 33 points. The Warpigs are next with 27 possible, then the Inmates (26), and the Bees (24).

If the Angels don't make the playoffs, there will be some more changes. Nobody has the Astros or Twins, so that won't make any difference.

The Nads, the Rhinos, and the Fungoes have already been eliminated. There are probably some others who are mathematically out (because they have the same picks as somebody already ahead of them), but it's late and I'm going to bed.


Norm said...

I hate to pull against the Cinderella Astros; but we do bleed Tweener green, so, go Angels (and Dodgers and Cubs).

Pigman said...

In addition to the Nads, Fungoes, and Rhinos... the Buckeyes, Drillers, Sidewinders, Wahoos, and Zaps have been eliminated.