Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Extra Reserve Contest - And Then There Were Six

The Cub win over the Pirates eliminated the Mavs from contention and put the Tweeners in first place by themselves. The DVs vaulted into 2nd. They are technically tied with the Buckeyes, who are already eliminated because they cannot finish ahead of the Tweeners.

The bad news for the Tweeners is the American League. If the Royals beat the Astros or the Blue Jays beat the Rangers, the Tweeners are eliminated. A Royals win would also eliminate the Inmates. A Royal loss to Houston would eliminate the Goofs.

If the Cubs beat the Cardinals, the Pigs and DVs are done. If the Dodgers lose to the Mets... well, for sure the FFTs would be out.

And if this comes down to Cubs vs Mets in the NL, and Rangers vs Astros in the AL, the winner will already be set... and it will be the Tweeners with a whopping 9 points. Best of all, he'll be able to credit his victory to his faith in... the Yankees.

1 comment:

terry said...

sounds like we all are a bunch of great prognosticators.
i hope Kershaw remembers his debacles of the last couple years.