Wednesday, April 01, 2015

First Demerits of the 2015 Season

The Killer Bees, Wahoos, Rhinos, and Drillers have all been assessed 1 demerit each for not having 20 games played before the end of March.

Also, this is the season when, according to the original rule, we no longer have any "grace" demerits. Teams ending the year with only 1 demerit will be forced to cut down to 20 players before next year's Draft.

The next deadline is 35 games played and reported before May 1.


The HEAD INMATE said...

Didn't the Commish make an exception for this year, due to the relative lateness of the draft?

DrillerDude said...

Fuck you April fool! lol

Pigman said...

Thank God for the Inmates. lol