Thursday, February 05, 2015

Top Ten RIght Now - RP and 2B

MLB Network's Top Ten Right Now...

Relief Pitching
1. Wade Davis, Free Agent
2. Greg Holland, Mavs
3. Craig Kimbrel, Sidewinders
4. Dellin Betances, Free Agent
5. Joaquin Benoit, SuperGoofs
6. Aroldis Chapman, Sidewinders
7. Mark Melancon, Wahoos
8. Koji Uehara, SuperGoofs
9. Zach Britton, Free Agent
10. Tony Watson, Sidewinders

Interesting choices. Obviously the Snakes have a great bullpen (they have 3 other guys in the pen who are also good). Three of these guys are in the draft. And, of course, we in NASOMA look at relievers a little differently. We evaluate at least 95% of bullpen guys by how they did LAST YEAR as opposed to how good they'll be THIS year. But still, there's not a lot to argue about here.

Second Base
1. Robinson Cano, Warpigs
2. Dustin Pedroia, Wahoos
3. Ben Zobrist, Tweeners
4. Neil Walker, Drillers
5. Ian Kinsler, DVs
6. Jose Altuve, Inmates
7. Howie Kendrick, Mavs
8. Chase Utley, Zaps
9. Brian Dozier, Nads
10. Scooter Gennett, Buckeyes

This is not a real strong group. Even the guys at the top had down years. I think Altuve should be higher, and I'd probably put Wong or Gordon on the list. I still think Kipnis is top ten despite his crappy 2014. Phillips is fading, Murphy just needs to improve with the glove, and Panik/Odor/Schoop are knocking on the Top Ten door.

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