Sunday, February 08, 2015

New Season Updates

The file downloads for the new season of Strat cards will be available at the end of the day tomorrow (Monday, 2/9). There are a number of "improvements" in this year's version.

Here’s the complete list of improvements to Strat-O-Matic Baseball 2015:
1) Free Online Draft - Now your league members can hold your draft in real-time on the Strat-O-Matic servers, and the best part about it is that this is a free service! To hold the draft, the commissioner of the league sets up the league files using the Windows game, then uploads them to the Online Drafting website. From there the entire draft is held online, in real-time. After the draft, the commissioner downloads the files and imports them back into the Windows game so that league play can commence.
2) Support for up to 36 Teams per League - The previous limit was 30 teams in a league. This has been increased to a maximum of 36 teams in a league.
3) New Computer Manager Relief Pitcher Setting - A new setting called "Always remove reliever at end of inning" has been added to the Computer Manager Pitcher Settings dialog. The computer manager will always remove this pitcher after the current inning ends (in other words, before the next inning begins). Many modern day managers will do this with particular relief pitchers, normally limiting them to one or less innings pitched per appearance.  
4) Card Image - Ballpark Effects - If you have purchased the Card Image Option, then the ballpark effects are now integrated into the card image displayed on the Game Screen Layout. Instead of the original (advanced) card result, the actual ballpark effects result is shown on the cards. This will make it easier to evaluate the current batter and pitcher and will make more sense when the ballpark result is rolled with the dice. Note that the only place this is done is on the in-game batter vs. pitcher card image (where the dice are rolled). You can still view the player's original card image by clicking on the player's name to display his notebook. Also note that the ballpark effect results are shown in yellow to indicate the original card result has been replaced with the ballpark result.
5) Condensed Play Log - An optional Condensed Play Log has been added to the Daily Reporter and Newspaper Games Stories reports. This log shows every play that happened in the game in a condensed format. When you select this option on the Autoplay/Boxscore Options dialog, this new play log will appear on both the Daily Reporter and the Newspaper Game Stories.
6) Support for DH Specific Lineups - Draft League Mode now allows lineups to be defined, which are to be used only when the DH rule is turned on. As an example of how this can be handy, this capability allows you to define DH lineups for National League teams, which will be used when they play interleague games on the road vs. American League teams.
7) WAR, BABIP and Other Sabermetric Stats Added to Player Detail Report - WAR and other newer sabermetric-type stats such as BABIP have been added to the Player Detail Report. These new metrics are useful tools when evaluating player performances as they provide additional insights into the value that each player adds to his team.
8) Pitcher Game Log Report - WHIP has been added to the Pitcher Game Log report.
9) Awards Voting Report - This report has been improved so that the all-star, gold-glove, and silver slugger awards are now based upon the positions that players were used in replays instead of their real-life primary positions.
10) Boxscore Improvement – Box scores now list Team RISP. For example, "2-for-7" means the team had two hits in seven times at bat with runner(s) in scoring position.
11) Game Notes - The Game Notes feature has been improved by adding more information about the current series games that have been played. There is now another line following each game that indicates the winning and losing pitchers (and their updated records) and also the reliever who recorded a save (if there was one).
12) Player Notebooks - Batter and pitcher notebooks now display Slugging on the Hitting and Pitching tabs.
13) Draft-O-Matic - The Draft-O-Matic logic has been improved by adding another internal layer of player evaluation. This will result in a better selection of batter cards with more emphasis now being placed on drafting players who not only fit an available role on the team, but who also bring a higher overall skill level. Previous versions of the draft logic were more focused on just filling out team roles.
14) Super Hal Pinch Running - A COPY button has been added to this dialog. This button can be used to copy one Pinch Running pecking order to another. For example, say you first setup your order vs. Standard Righties. Your order vs. Reverse Righties might be similar. Instead of creating it from scratch, you could copy the Standard Righties order to Reverse Righties order and then customize the Reverse Righties order with just the differences.
15) Social Media Updates - Blogger & Twitter Support Updated: Support has been added for the new Twitter and Blogger APIs. IMPORTANT - You must read the note about setting up blogger in order to use this feature! The Twitter access code was also completely rewritten to support Twitter's new API. Please refer to the Social Media topic for more information.
16) Bugs Fixed
  • Draft League Mode was choosing the wrong starting lineup against pitchers who had extreme balance ratings. For example, vs. Joe Saunders (2013, SEA) the program was not correctly using the L9L lineup.
  • Netplay would sometimes hang when using the Actual Pitcher's Hitting card feature.
  • Newspaper Style Recap - Starting pitchers for double-headers were not displaying properly.
  • The Game Notes report would sometime incorrectly display the starting pitchers for upcoming scheduled games.
  • The Player Detail Report was not reporting games started by pitchers for Double-Duty players properly. The Games Started section of the batting report was showing the pitcher's games started under "DH" instead of under the "Pi" column.
  • When Double Duty players pinch hit in the top of the 9th they were always being used in relief at the start of the bottom of the 9th inning, even in situations where a more appropriate reliever was available in the bullpen.
  • Added Strikeouts to Traditional Pitching in the Report Writer (this should have been on the report by default).
17) New Seasons - Support for the new 2014, 1969 (Deluxe Super-Advanced), 1953 (Deluxe Super-Advanced), 1873 National Association, 1911 Negro League, 1922 Negro League, 1934 Negro League, 1945 Negro League, and 2014 Japanese Baseball seasons has been added.
18) Ballpark Photos 
  • 7 new ballpark pictures - Chicago-NL (day and night), Oakland (day and night), Kansas City (night), Atlanta (day and night)
  • 33 new ballpark entry pictures - Chicago-NL-4, Oakland-6, Kansas City-4, Texas-1, Colorado-5, Atlanta-6, Houston-2, San Francisco-5
19) Play-By-Play  
  • Over 500 new lines of Nickname play-by-plays have been included.
  • New and updated Trivia questions are included.
  • All 30 team play-by-play files have been edited and updated for 2015 season. 

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Pigman said...

Rule #4 is kinda nice. The player card on the screen now shows the actual BP numbers of the park you're in at the time.