Thursday, February 05, 2015

Mock Draft Update - Early February Version

Let's try this again...

1. Zaps - Corey Dickerson. At this point, the first pick hasn't changed. And why would it?

2. Nads - Josh Harrison. Ditto. On the other hand, this could still be the young Cub, Soler.

3. Wahoos - Jake Arrieta. Best of a good group of starting pitchers.

4. Mavs - Jorge Soler. Or a pitcher. There's no telling. But in the drafts done around the country that include only guys carded for the first time, Soler is the highest pick that isn't already on a NASOMA roster.

5. Goofs - Dellin Betances. The Goofs are in the hunt for the AWD title, and Betances is the best reliever in the draft.

6. Wahoos - Wade Davis. Just as good a card as Betances. Maybe better.

7. Inmates - Jacob deGrom. I don't know if deGrom is better - or more valuable - than McHugh, but I don't think you can go wrong with either.

8. FFTs - Joc Pederson. Young Dodger sets the tone for the FFT draft.

9. Goofs - Collin McHugh. I don't know if McHugh is better - or more valuable  - than deGrom, but...

10. Inmates - Carlos Carrasco. There are a handful of SP/RP guys with good cards and good futures. This is one of them.

11. Nads - Mike Fiers. This is another one of them. Harrison and Fiers would be a couple of really big Nads. I'm tellin' ya, the Nads could be riding high this year. They could hang around. Don't expect them to shrink away from the competition. Go Nads!

12. Buckeyes - Mookie Betts. The Buckeyes are rebuilding, and this guy could be a core player for awhile. He's projected to start in RF for the Red Sox.

13. Wahoos - J.D. Martinez. Maybe the third best full-time hitting card in the draft. If he slides to 13, the Hoos have a steal.

14. Zaps - Aaron Sanchez. Or Shoemaker. Or Giles. The two he doesn't take will be there at 17 when he picks next. The Zaps have a great team already, and they're going to have a great draft. Definitely the team to beat in 2015. It's not even close. I'm predicting 120 wins for the Zaps. Who's with me?

15. Sidewinders - Dee Gordon. The Snakeman could prove me wrong just for spite, but the speedy, left-handed hitting second baseman seems to be a perfect pick for this team. But don't be shocked if the only team capable of hanging with the Zaps takes Panik instead.

16. Fungoes - Danny Santana. Hechavarria would still be a good pick, but Santana is probably the better ss for the Fungoes until Lindor comes around.


terry said...

Now do second round so I can figure out pick 33

Fungoes said...

lol. Terry just trade me pick 33 and there will be no worries!