Saturday, February 28, 2015

Rosters and Picks

On the Rosters page, I have highlighted the picks you would lose if you made no more cuts or trades between now and next Friday night (or in the case of the Bees, how many picks you would ADD). I know several teams still have cuts to make, but I wanted a visual of where you stand with your combination of players and picks. Official Pre-Draft Rosters must be set by midnight Friday night.

The following day, I will adjust the Draft Grid and Roster Page on the webpage to reflect the picks you will have in the Draft. I'll post a print-friendly version of the Grid. I'll also consolidate a list of every player eligible to be drafted. Let me know if you want a copy of this.

To refresh, your total number of picks and players is:
+ 2 (Tweener Rule)
+ # of Reserves you own

There will be a 5-round Lightning Round at the conclusion of the Draft. The Lightning Round has a special set of rules: picks cannot be traded (the players you select can); you must be present to participate; carded players only; 60 second time limit each pick; if you select an ineligible player, you're done.

Before the weekend is over, everyone's official roster listing 30 active players and your reserved players is due. And remember, when you play your first game, the 25 players active for that game MUST be on the 30-man roster you turn in.

Beeboy, I hope you'll be able to keep up with the live draft and make your picks via the Google docs page. I hate that you won't be there.

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