Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Well, everyone figured the post season would be dominated by a left-hander... we just figured it would be that guy down in LA.


Vincent Mullen said...

I bet they are 1-2 in CY voting next year

Fungoes said...

MadBum is crazy good! What a World Series for him!!!

Norm said...

When the series started I said I would root for the Royals. Giants have had their turn. George Brett is the Tweakers manager. 29 years. Then MadBum started pitching. Panda started hitting (and flashing leather and baserunning skills). Romo, Casilla, former mates Lopez, Morse. No way could I root against the Giants. Even Scutaro gets another ring. 7 games means best of both worlds. MadBum for President. #tweeners@zaps