Sunday, October 05, 2014

Contest Update

The Orioles knocked several teams out of contention for the Extra Reserve Pick. Their win over the Tigers today eliminated the Fungoes, Buckeyes, Drillers, and Zaps. With the right outcome, the Drillers could still end up in a tie for 1st with the FFTs, but would lose the tie-breaker.

The Angels' loss tonight, while extremely enjoyable, didn't change much - that is, it didn't eliminate anyone, but it hurts the FFTs and Bees a little.

There are 6 teams left in the running: the Rhinos, FFTs, Warpigs, Mavs, Tweeners, and Bees. A loss by the Nationals tomorrow, however, will knock out the Mavs, Tweeners, and Bees.

If my math or logic is wrong, I'm sure somebody will let me know.

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