Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Extra Reserve Pick Contest Update

They said there'd be no math...

The leaders after the Wild Card games:

1. Rhinos (16 points, 10 possible remaining points)
2. FFTs (13, 28)
3. Warpigs (13, 22)
4. Buckeyes (12, 28)
5. Mavs (12, 26)
6. Bees (11, 32)
7. Tweeners (10, 26)
8. Drillers (9, 32)
9. Zaps (8, 28)
10. Fungoes (7, 28)

As far as I can figure with my South Grand Prairie High School math, the Wahoos, DVs, Inmates, Snakes, and Goofs have been eliminated.

Many of us had the Dodgers and Cardinals both winning in the NLDS, but they play each other. So while we are guaranteed 4 points, we can't get 8.

A couple of other thinks that I think I think...
  • If Washington wins their series over the Giants, the Buckeyes and Rhinos are eliminated.
  • If Washington loses their series to the Giants, the Bees and Tweeners are out.
  • If Detroit loses to Baltimore, the Buckeyes, Drillers, Zaps and Fungoes are out.
  • If the Dodgers beat the Cardinals, the Zaps and Pigs are both out.
  • If the Dodgers lose to the Cardinals, all hell breaks loose.
Stay tuned!


Norm said...

I make a motion that this format be locked in for the extra reserve pick contest each year, with the only variation being the tie-breaker question.

Pigman said...