Sunday, July 08, 2007

The X-chart on the computer game

Okay, so over the last few days I played a bunch of games, and something jumped out at me - really nothing new... the x-chart (or the random number generator) used by the computer game has problems. Case in point: Jamey Carroll, despite having two girlie names, is a pretty good defensive 2b this year. He's a 2e5. During the series with the Buckeyes, he allowed FIVE balls to get past him for singles and made TWO errors. That's in 10 games. There was also at least one time when he fielded the ball, but couldn't turn the double play. The same day, I traveled to the FFTs to play games on his computer. Carroll didn't make an error this time (my 1e4 at ss did though), but he allowed 4 more singles. And the FFT middle infielders (both 2's) also allowed multiple hits. In addition, the number of 2-base errors by infielders is still alarming.

I've claimed since the production of the first SOM computer game that there was something wrong with the fielding. It usually falls on deaf ears, which is why it will never be corrected.

Just wanted to vent a little. Now back to your regular programming.

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