Sunday, April 16, 2017

Inmates 6, Wahoos 4

Inmates 3 – Wahoos 2 (WahooLand): A pitching duel between Quintana and Verlander. The ‘hoos scored a pair in the 8th on a 2-run tater, but time ran out before they could come all the way back.

Wahoos 5 – Inmates 3 (WahooLand): Another tight game featuring the arms of Gray and the Ghost of Fernandez. A walk-off homer in the bottom of the 9th sinks the LDMF.

Wahoos 11 – Inmates 8 (WahooLand): Five Inmate homers put the Beakless Chicken Gang on top 8-1 after 3 ½ innings, but the incendiary pitching staff allowed ten unanswered runs to the Wahoos to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. Shitfuck.

Wahoos 9 – Inmates 2 (WahooLand): Pineda pitching in a BP HR/S 1-20 ballpark brought out all of the expected spoogeness. Pitching a complete game, he allowed 14 hits and 6 walks in an attempt to give the bullpen a little rest. Segura and Nunez homer for the LDMF to avoid the ignominy of being shut out.

Inmates 7 – Wahoos 2 (WahooLand): A five-run Inmate 5th, highlighted by a Rizzo three-run homer, was all Salazar needed for the win (despite giving up a pair of solo HRs).

Inmates 4 – Wahoos 3 (10 innings – Baptist Bowl): A three-run Altuve homer in the 3rd was the end of all scoring until Rizzo hit a walk-off single scoring Altuve in the Inmate 10th.

Wahoos 9 – LDMF 0 (Baptist Bowl): The Inmates manage all of five hits off the Ghost of Fernandez, while the Wahoos scalp Quintana for eight runs (three homers) in 6 1/3. Fuckshit.

Inmates 5 – Wahoos 4 (17 innings – Baptist Bowl): Bizarre game that turned the tide of the day’s series. Inmate pitchers walked thirteen, but the Wahoos countered by hitting into five double-plays. Bonehead play of the game: Cespedes hit a two-out double in the bottom of the 16th, only to be tagged out on a hidden-ball trick. A two-out double by Segura scored Santana with the game winner an inning later.

Inmates 2 – Wahoos 1 (Baptist Bowl): A pitcher’s duel between Quintana and Arrieta, with another weird happening: Brandon Crawford made both a one-base and a two-base error on the 7th, yet the Inmates were unable to score.

Inmates 6 – Wahoos 3 (Baptist Bowl): A three-run 9th for the Wahoos was too little, too late. Cespedes, Rizzo, and Martinez hit jacks for the Inmates.

Note: 35 homers were hit in the 10-game series – 18 by the Wahoos, 17 by the Inmates. The Wahoos hit into fourteen double-plays.


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