Sunday, April 30, 2017

Buckeyes 7, Inmates 3

Buckeyes made the trip down to Waco for an afternoon of cards and dice action at the Baptist Bowl. Buckeyes go 7 and 3.

5/13 Buckeyes 2 Inmates 0 - Maeda and 3 relievers combine for a 4 hitter. Maeda will prove to be tough on the Inmates today.
5/14 Inmates 6 Buckeyes 2 - Santana gets rocked early. Buckeyes held to 2 2nd inning runs
6/24 Buckeyes 5 Inmates 3 - Young and Pearce both homer and then Turner gets a pinch hit homer in 8th for insurance.
6/25 Buckeyes 3 Inmates 1 - Santana and 2 relievers hold Inmates to 3 hits. 3 run Buckeye 6th was all our offense.
6/26 Inmates 5 Buckeyes 3 - Inmates get 2 in the 11th to break the 3-3 tie.
7/20 Buckeyes 8 Inmates 5 - Buckeyes get 2 in the ninth to tie it. Trumbo's 2 out shot send it to extra innings. Then Kinsler and Bour homer in 10th to blow it open.
7/21 Buckeyes 13 Inmates 6 - Buckeyes pound out 17 hits. 2 homers by Kinsler with one each from Reyes and Cabrera. Reyes hit his just after he hit one on tv versus the Nationals.
7/22 Buckeyes 7 Inmates 3 - Buckeyes hit 4 homers (Gattis, Santana, Granderson and a pinch hit homer from Reyes) Meada gets the win giving up only 3 unearned runs.
9/1 Inmates 9 Buckeyes 1 - Inmates catch Happ for 3 homers. Kinsler hot another one for the Buckeyes but not near enough.
9/2 Buckeyes 10 Inmates 9 - Buckeyes get down 9-2 going to 6th. We've started to pull guys to save AB's and IP's when suddenly with 2 out and nobody on 6 consecutive Buckeyes reach base including back to back homers from Kinsler and Granderson. Buckeyes then tie it on a Santana homer in the and then complete the comeback with a Turner single in 11th to score Kinsler for the walk off winner.

Buckeyes 7 – LDMF 3 . . . The Return of the LDMF

Buckeyes 2 – LDMF 0 (Baptist Bowl): Pitcher’s duel with both teams getting only four hits. Segura tripled to lead off the Inmate 4th, but was left stranded.

Inmates 6 – Buckeyes 2 (Baptist Bowl): Inmates come back and pound Santana to even the series.

Buckeyes 5 – Inmates 3 (Buckeye Dome): Inmates leave two on in the 8th, then Jones hits into a game-ending double-play in the 9th. Shitfuck.

Buckeyes 3 – LDMF 1 (Buckeye Dome): Only three fucking hits? We deserve to lose.

Inmates 5 – Buckeyes 3 (11 innings – Buckeye Dome): Jones hit a 2-run blast in the 11th for just about the last Inmate heroics of the afternoon.

Buckeyes 8 – LDMF 5 (10 innings - Bite Me Bowl): Inmates hit five solo homers and not much else. Johnson comes on to save the game in the 9th, feels sorry for the visiting Shriveled Testicle Gang, and allows a game-tying homer that still hasn’t landed. The Dickless Wonders then load the bases in the bottom of the 9th only to make the first move at snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory by stranding everyone. Barraclough then allowed two homers in the 10th (which doubled his MLB total) to ice the game for the bad guys.

Buckeyes 13 – NDMF 6 (Go Suck a Fart Bowl): The Buckeyes crawl up Quintana’s ass for five runs in the 1st, putting the NDMF behind by damn near a TD before getting to hit. Never fear! The bats (?!?) come alive in the 5th when someone decided that 11-0 sucked too much even for the Androgynous Ones.

Buckeyes 7 – ND/NBMF 3 (Fuck Me Running Bowl): A Buckeye four-spot in the 1st put the &^%#$&#$^ behind again. The suckfest continued.

Inmates 9 – Buckeyes 4 (Buckeye Dome): This time the Inmates really show up and do unto the Buckeyes what had been done unto them. Unfuckshit.

Buckeyes 10 – Pantywastes 9 (11 innings – Blow Me Dome): Leading 9-2, Barraclough once again entered the game and once again gave up a pair of homers to start the shitfest. Even though the Buckeyes had tied the game at 9, the NDMF managed to get two on in the 9th only to once again snatch defeat out of the ass of victory by leaving both stranded. Some nameless motherfucker hit a game-ending single off of Madson’s first pitch in relief in the 11th. Sigh…..

Of note: Only one base was stolen by the combined two teams in the series.

Bitch of the day: Barraclough, who allowed one homer in 73 innings during the 2016 MLB season (and doesn’t have any kind of HR on his card) has now allowed 7 in 18 IP for the Inmates.

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