Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Welcome Skyscrapers!

Meet the new owner, Robert Emrich.

With the resignation of the Zapper, a new owner was needed to take over that franchise. In comes Robert Emrich and the Skyscrapers. Robert becomes our first new member since 2008 when the SuperGoofs came into the league.

Robert is a Grand Prairie resident, having moved here from New York a year and a half ago with his wife and two sons, ages 7 and 3. He has played Strat for 20 years and has been in two FTF leagues in NYC. He's still part of one of those.

Up until this past September, he worked for, mostly writing about Minor League Baseball.

Some of us are getting together next Wednesday night (12/14) around 6:30 at the Mama's Pizza in Mansfield to meet Robert. Join us if you can.

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