Thursday, December 15, 2016

Wahoos and Drillers make a Mama's Pizza Deal

The Wahoos reached out for a platoon catcher and landed Cameron Rupp. The Wahoos sent lefty reliever Tony Watson to the Drillers for Rupp in a straight up, 1-for-1 deal consummated at the Mama's Pizza gathering Wednesday night.

Rupp, the Dallas native and UT alum, pounded LHP last season to the tune of 324/361/632 and should fit in nicely on the 2017 NASOMA titlists.

Watson, who still has a noticeable tic when Adrian Beltre's name is mentioned, had a fine year as well, except for allowing way too many home runs. I wonder if he still has a BP HR at 6-2.

The Chief on this deal, "It's just one more guy we have to get sized for a ring. I seriously don't know why anyone else is even trying to build a contender for 2017. The guys I'm cutting could start for most of the other teams in the league."

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