Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Team Names

On the computer game next year, how about we make a slight change from the past. Instead of all the teams being listed by our first names, why don't we go with our team's location? Or at least our imagined location. It won't change much, except those game stories that say things like, "Garth jumped all over Phillip."

Here are some suggestions. Feel free to suggest an alternative for your team.

Mansfield Buckeyes
Midlothian Mavs
Oklahoma Drillers
New York Skyscrapers

Stanley Sidewinders
Logan County Tweeners
Nashville Killer Bees
Disney SuperGoofs

Waco Inmates
Waxahachie Fungoes
Chicago Nads
Belldale Rhinos

Hooterville Warpigs
South Grand Prairie Wahoos
Dallas FFTs
Tulsa DVs


The Chief said...

Shouldn't it be the Omaha Rhinos? How about the South Grand Prairie Wahoos?

The HEAD INMATE said...

What makes you think that the "Garth jumped all over Phillip" story line will change?

Buckeyes said...

The Buckeyes

Fungoes said...

Waxahachie Fungoes works! We've been WTF for a while now it only seems right to change it in the computer

Robert said...

New York Skyscrapers works for me!