Sunday, January 18, 2015

Top Ten Right Now - CF & SS

The MLB Network has a show called Top 10 Right Now, where they debate, discuss, and pick the current best ten players at each position. Brian Kenney and a guest former player make their selections, and a "shredder" makes a final selection based on recent offensive and defensive statistics and the expectations for the upcoming season. It doesn't take into consideration the long term prospects. The results are often questionable. The first two episodes this season dealt with shortstop and centerfield. Below are the results from the shredder. Feel free to leave your Top 10 in the comments section.

Center Field
1. McCutchen, Zaps
2. Trout, Fungoes
3. Puig, Drillers
4. Gomez, Rhinos
5. Jones, Inmates
6. Ellsbury, FFTs
7. Eaton, Wahoos
8. Pollock, Warpigs
9. Cain, Warpigs
10. Span, Goofs

1. Tulowitzki, Warpigs
2. Peralta, Sidewinders
3. Desmond, Wahoos
4. Reyes, Zaps
5. Hardy, DVs
6. Mercer, Wahoos
7. Aybar, Nads
8. A.Ramirez, Goofs
9. Lowrie, DVs
10. Simmons, Bees

I have no problem with the CF list, other than them listing Puig in CF (53 games) instead of RF (91 games).

At shortstop, I disagree on a couple of names. First of all, there is no way Lowrie should be on this list when Crawford and Castro are not. Mercer at #6 is a shocker. I wouldn't have him on my Top 10, either. And Simmons at #10 is debatable. I mean, sure he had a horrible year on offense, but he is by far the best fielding shortstop in the game. I'd have him a lot higher.

So what do you think? What do your lists look like?

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The Chief said...

McCuthchen over Trout is surprising.