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Home Ballparks

Every year, we have the option of keeping the BP numbers we have or altering them as much as +2/-2. And in every Presidential election year, we can move to any park we want and use their new numbers. This wasn't always the rule. I can't remember when we adopted this rule, and I can't remember what rule we used before the election year rule. I can't even remember what I had for breakfast.

The numbers are kept on the roster page, and in the SOMBB game. The problem was, I couldn't find any place where the actual park we were using had been written down. The computer game had names for our ballparks, but those were almost always wrong and sometimes said things like The Baptist Bowl. It's important to know your BP because you can't adopt your park's new numbers if you don't know which park you're in.

I started by asking you guys. You'd be surprised at how many couldn't remember. And a few were mistaken on where they were playing their games. There's a joke in there somewhere.

So I did a little research. I have MLB park numbers for every year, and I have the NASOMA park numbers back to 2000. I followed each team back until it was apparent they had taken a new park. Typically, I would get back to 2011 or 2007 when it would become obvious that the team took a new park in the following "election" year.

Since I had my own BP numbers back thru when I entered the league, I researched those all the way back until then. The results of my BallPork research is listed at the bottom of this page. Your team's research will look similar; I just didn't go back as far. I'd be happy to share your results with you. Just let me know.

Here are the results for each team (If you feel I have made a mistake, let me know)...

Warpigs, San Diego (since 1989)
Rhinos, San Diego (since 1996)
FFTs, Kansas City (since 2008)
Sidewinders, Washington (since 2008)
DVs, Baltimore (since 2008)
Mavs, San Francisco (since 2008)
Nads, Kansas City (since 2008)
Killer Bees, ChicagoAL (since 2008)
SuperGoofs, Miami (since entering the league in 2009 - it was Florida then)
Inmates, Los AngelesNL (since 2012)
Drillers, Miami (since 2012)
Tweeners, Miami (since 2012)
Zaps, ChicagoAL (since 2012)
Wahoos, Colorado (since 2012)
Buckeyes, New YorkAL (since 2012)
Fungoes, San Francisco (since 2012)

The Warpig BallPork research...

1987 - 5/5, 17/17 (Seattle. The team I took over had already started their season. This was the park.)
1988 - 5/5, 18/18 (The new Seattle numbers)
1989 - 0/0, 14/14 (I moved to San Diego's Jack Murphy Stadium. These are the SD'88 numbers.)
1990 - 0/0, 16/16 (We weren't adjusting back then; these are the new SD'89 numbers.)
1991 - 0/0, 16/16 (I kept the same numbers for the next decade.)
1992 - 0/0, 16/16
1993 - 0/0, 16/16
1994 - 0/0, 16/16
1995 - 0/0, 16/16
1996 - 0/0, 16/16
1997 - 0/0, 16/16 (FYI, Jack Murphy was renamed Qualcomm in 1997.)
1998 - 0/0, 16/16
1999 - 0/0, 16/16
2000 - 0/0, 16/16
2001 - 1/1, 3/6 (Qualcomm had become a pitcher's park. These are the SD'00 numbers.)
2002 - 0/0, 5/8 (I began a decade of adjusting the HR numbers almost every year.)
2003 - 0/0, 7/6
2004 - 0/0, 7/6 (This is the only year I didn't adjust it - I have no idea why.)
2005 - 0/0, 7/7 (SD'04 was the first year of Petco, but I just kept adjusting the Qualcomm numbers.)
2006 - 0/0, 9/9 (And here we go, cranking the fences in a little bit every year.)
2007 - 0/0, 11/11
2008 - 0/0, 13/13 (See a trend?)
2009 - 0/0, 15/15
2010 - 0/0, 17/17
2011 - 0/0, 19/19
2012 - 0/0, 20/20 (There was only a sliver of grass between the infield dirt and the warning track.)
2013 - 0/0, 20/20 (The commissioner wouldn't let me go any higher.)
2014 - 2/2, 1/4 (The new SD'13 numbers. With no offense, I decided to protect my pitchers.)
San Diego since 1989.

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