Thursday, January 22, 2015

Corner Outfielders - Top Ten Right Now

MLB Network and the "Shredder" had the following top ten:

Right Field
1. G.Stanton, DVs
2. J.Bautista, Zaps
3. B.Harper, Mavs
4. J.Heyward, Mavs
5. M.Cuddyer, Goofs
6. C.Gonzalez, Inmates
7. H.Pence, FFTs
8. B.Moss, SSW
9. M.Kemp, Rhinos
10. J.D.Martinez, free agent

Cuddyer? Weird. But outside of Stanton and Bautista, this is a really weak group. Harper is still more hype than substance... Heyward is almost as bad vs LHP as Scooter Gennett... Cuddyer and JD are really DHs... and CarGo has been hurt too much. After Stanton and Bautista, my top 5 would have 3. Pence, 4. Kemp, 5. Heyward/Harper

Left Field
1. H.Ramirez, FFTs
2. J.Werth, Warpigs
3. M.Brantley, SSW
4. S.Marte, Inmates
5. A.Gordon, Rhinos
6. N.Cruz, Tweeners
7. M.Holliday, DVs
8. C.Dickerson, free agent
9. J.Upton, Mavs
10. C.Yelich, Drillers

Hanley is ranked #1 in LF despite the fact he's never played there. Amazing. A lot of depth here. The list leaves off Cespedes, Gardner, and Melky. Werth and Holliday are getting old, although Werth has been really good the last few years... Cruz is also up there in age and can't play defense... Dickerson can't hit outside of Coors. My top of this list would be 1. Brantley, 2. Gordon, 3. Yelich, 4. Marte, 5. Upton.


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terry said...

Need Hanley to at least take ground balls at SS