Sunday, February 21, 2016

Updated Mock Draft

Okay, forget that earlier Mock Draft. This one is OFFICIAL!

1. Buckeyes - Kyle Schwarber. When you're looking to add offense, it doesn't matter how good they are on defense - it only matters which positions they play. And that they can hit. Schwarber can hit.

2. Drillers - Stephen Piscotty. The decision, with Schwarber gone, is between Piscotty and Conforto. Conforto probably has the better future, but Piscotty definitely has the better card - and the Drillers are a playoff team.

3. Mavs - Matt Duffy. He's the next best player available, and the Mavs need 3b. It's a no-brainer. My first LOCK.

4. Rhinos - Lance McCullers. The Rhinos, like the two teams drafting before him, could be headed for the post season, so it's nice to get a prospect who also has a good card AND fits your needs.

5. DVs - Michael Conforto. The DVs probably don't have the pitching to compete for a playoff spot, so might as well take the best young hitter available.

6. Warpigs - Jung Ho Kang. Another team with dreams of the playoffs; another player with a good card, although at 29, he doesn't really count as a prospect.

7. Nads - Steven Matz. Hey, Steven Matz may only have 36 innings, but he's 24 and already has a World Series start under his belt. He's the next stud in the Mets' rotation. By this time next year, with Stroman, Fiers, Tillman, and Matz, the Nads could have the best rotation in NASOMA.

8. Fungoes - Carson Smith. The Fungoes are the favorites to win the HWD. Smith makes a good bullpen into a great one, and he's going to be around for awhile.

9. Drillers - Logan Forsythe. The Drillers breathe a sigh of relief that Forsythe is still there. Devon Travis is younger and has a higher ceiling, but Forsythe can play every day and has better defense.

10. Tweeners - Francisco Rodriguez. The Tweeners are a bullpen away from being a playoff team, KRod is a good first step.

11. Goofs - Yunel Escobar. My second LOCK of the Mock Draft. He is this year's Casey McGehee. Yunel will be a Goof.

12. Zaps - Franklin Gutierrez. Well, why not? Because he's 33? Because he only has 171 at bats? Neither is a good excuse when you have one of the two best teams in the league. He'll be a regular in LF come playoff time, and if the Zaps don't take him here, he could end up on the Snakes, who have the next 3 picks.

13. Sidewinders - Jaime Garcia. The team with the best pitching needs pitching. Strange but true. Garcia is a good one.

14. Sidewinders - Hunter Strickland. And then they add a reliever. Limited a bit with his innings, but he won't have to do the heavy lifting on a team with Wade Davis, Aroldis Chapman, Andrew Miller, and Craig Kimbrel.

15. Sidewinders - Nick Hundley. The Snakes may go with a third pitcher here, but Hundley is the best catcher in the Draft, and with Mesoraco down, Grandal needs some help.

16. Tweeners - Odubel Herrera. He's young, he's got a good card with a lot of AB. The Tweeners could use an outfielder. Seems like a good pick, but I have no idea. This pick could easily be another reliever.

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