Sunday, November 01, 2015

Inmates 5, Rhinos 2

All games via netplay (thanks, PigMan!):
INMATES 9 – RHINOS 0 (Rhino Dome): Heaney, out of necessity, pitched a complete game, 17-hit loss. The Inmates hit five homers, including two by Jones. The Rhinos managed three total hits, all singles.
RHINOS 2 – INMATES 0 (Rhino Dome): In a tit-for tat move, the LDMF showed up to collect a meager four hits off of Chris Archer. Castro tatered on the first pitch in the bottom of the 1st for the only run the Horned Ones needed.
INMATES 3 – RHINOS 1 (Rhino Dome): Adam Jones third HR of the series gave the Inmates the lead in the 6th. Garza pitched a CG tough-luck loss for the Rhinos, who managed only two hits.
INMATES 7 – RHINOS 3 (Baptist Bowl): Adam Jones hit two more homers as the Inmate pitching staff held the Rhinos to only four hits. Ramos pitched four innings for the save.
INMATES 2 – RHINOS 1 (Baptist Bowl): A tight pitchers’ duel with both teams collecting six hits. A Ramirez tater in the 5th turned out to be the winning run for the Inmates.
RHINOS 4 – INMATES 2 (Baptist Bowl): Once again Archer pitched well enough to hold off the Inmate offense. Sanchez struck out six of the eight hitters he faced for the save.
INMATES 6 – RHINOS 5 (Baptist Bowl): The Inmates clinched their first ever 1st round playoff bye in a game that featured two grand slams, one by Gattis for the Inmates and one by Kemp for the Rhinos. The game-winner was a solo HR by Vargas in the 5th.

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