Sunday, November 01, 2015

2015 NASOMA Playoff Brackets

Following a 20-sided die roll* to break the tie between the Wahoos and the Goofs, here are the brackets for the post season:

1st Round
Wahoos (6) at Zaps (3)
Goofs (5) at Sidewinders (4)

2nd Round
@ Warpigs (1)
@ Inmates (2)

* - With the blessing of the Commissioner, we conducted a 2-sided die tie breaker roll here at the Pigsty to determine which team was the 5 seed and which was the 6.The Goofs were on a FaceTime call and the Wahoos were in the room. The Goofs were "odd" and the Wahoos "even" based on the number of letters in their team names. The roll was 13, making the Goofs the winner and the #5 seed.

Next we need to determine the date for the playoffs so we can get the Snakes and Zaps on a plane.


Norm said...

So in classic Tweener fashion we put on a late push to secure pick #10. I guess that's just as good as flying to Dallas to bring home pick #11. That last day I'm thinking we have a chance if the Wahoos can just win a few against the Fungoes. I should not have lit that candle. I'll settle for some cheese with my whine, and tip my headdress to the Wahoos. Hail to the Chief.

The Chief said...

I appreciate the kind words. I was hoping to just make all the games worthwhile. Never really had much confidence in that type of day. Afterward, Mrs. Wahoos said, "Sorry, but when you told me you had to go 8-2 I figured you were going to have the winter off."

Fungoes said...

Tweeners, there came a time when we were 0-6 and already eliminated that we played the rest of the day as spoiler and tried as hard as we could to get you a trip up for the playoffs! However, the 1-9 we pulled out was not as close as it sounds......Fungoes were never in it! Wahoos kicked some Fungobutt!

Norm said...

The Wahoos damn well better kick some Zap ass.