Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Things I (the DVs) learned at this year's playoffs...

Check out the clown in the middle
1. The Rhinos have very durable glasses – however he might want to consider contacts (and throwing your hat on the floor is much more convenient)

2. The Tweeners could consider a second career as an opera singer – or at least a backup gig at Silver Dollar City

3. I really love my dogs – but the Fungoes REALLY REALLY love their dogs – getting up at 3AM to feed them ? Wow.

4. It takes much longer to unpucker your sphincter after navigating the Rhino lineup than it does to pucker it when they roll on those cards

5. “#” readings on the fielding chart are a Godsend

6. Whenever there are more than 2 NASOMA managers together, there will be trade talk

7. As a statistician, the Nads are a tremendous musician
8. The Tweeners can pose for a photo shoot with the best of 'em.
An even better Tweener pose

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