Saturday, December 01, 2012

Round 2 - Buckeyes vs Rhinos

The Buckeye piano recital ran long. Apparently he missed a few notes. But he's here now... Game on!

Game 1 @ Buckeye Ballyard - Buckeyes win 3-1. Alfredo Aceves shuts down the powerful Rhino offense. ARod homered for the only Rhino run.

Game 2 @ Buckeye Ballyard - Rhinos win 5-4 in 10 innings. Robinson Cano hit a bases loaded sac fly in the top of the 10th, and the Rhinos overcame a single and double in the bottom of the inning. Tulo and Kemp homered for the Rhinos.

Game 3 @ The Rhino Preservation - Rhinos win 12-1. The Rhinos unload on Chris Carpenter. Tulo and Kemp both homer for the second consecutive game. Tim Hudson and C.C. Sabathia combine for the win.

Game 4 @ The Rhino Preservation - Rhinos win 4-2. This time the homers were by Kemp and Markakis. Edwin Jackson gets the win. Octavio Dotel gets the save. The Rhinos lead 3 games to 1.

Game 5 @ The Rhino Preservation - Rhinos win 7-2 to advance to the World Series. Joey Votto doubled in a run in the first, then hit a grand slam in the 2nd and the celebration was on. Matt Garza got the complete game victory.

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