Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nads at Wahoos

Nads 3, Hoos 2

From the Chief...
Wahoos win the first two of the five in two close games (7-3 and 4-2). Ending Game 1 was a Miguel Montero getting hit with a batted ball by Dan Uggla (or was it the other way around on the names). Game 3 went 12 innings and the Wahoos lose 10-9. Game 4 was more of the same as the Wahoos lose in 12, 10-9. Game 5 had a familiar feel. Nads score 10 more and Wahoos get 6.
Johnny Damon had a 5-hit game in one of the 12-inning games. Wahoos also had 19 hits in a loss.

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