Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Range Ratings

There is a link on the NASOMA website.

The 1's...

C - Martin, Mauer, Y.Molina, Varitek
1B - Kotchman, Teixeira, Youkilis, Pujols, Adrian Gonzalez
2B - A.Hill, Hudson, Pedroia
3B - Figgins, Rolen, Zimmerman, Longoria, Beltre
SS - Rollins, Tulowitzki, Andrus(!), J.Wilson, Bartlett
LF - Crawford, N.Morgan, Span
CF - N.Morgan, C.Gomez, Kemp, Hunter, Bourn, F. Guiterrez, Adam Jones
RF - Ichiro, Markakis, R.Sweeney


DVs said...

There is NO need for an explaination mark (!) next to Andrus name. The DVs knew EXACTLY what we were getting with that stellar pick. Currently he is only 1,762 hits behind Todd Helton, but that will come in time as well.
The next reference may very well be HOF Andrus (!)

Norm said...

No need to inquire about range ratings next year when the roll is "Tweeners-X". It looks like everyone we put in the field will be a 3 (except for Shane Victorino). Speaking of Shane - where the hell is his 1?