Monday, December 28, 2009

The New Rookie Class

The following is a mock draft voted on by Strat players on the SomWorld Forum. They were considering all players getting their initial cards this season.

Notice that 10 of the first 11 are already ON NASOMA teams. Can we pick those uncarded guys or what?

Pick #1: Matt Wieters (Wieters 37 votes, Hanson 7)
Pick #2: Tommy Hanson (Hanson 30 votes, Beckham 15)
Pick #3: Gordon Beckham (Beckham 24 votes, Price 8)
Pick #4: Andrew McCutchen (McCutchen 24 votes, Price 12)
Pick #5: Rick Porcello (Porcello 19 votes, Price 12)
Pick #6: Colby Rasmus (Rasmus 21 votes, Price 19)
Pick #7: David Price (Price 24 votes, Andrus 14)
Pick #8: Elvis Andrus (Andrus 21 votes, Fowler/Feliz 10)
Pick #9: Dexter Fowler (Fowler 22 votes, Anderson 17)
Pick #10: Brett Anderson (Anderson 32 votes, Feliz 28)
Pick #11: Neftali Feliz (Feliz 28 votes)


Anonymous said...

Exactly why we should go back to the old way when we had a choice to use un-carded reserve slots on carded players and only keeping 15 +2.

The draft has enjoyed great boredom in recent years... The way it's set up now, all 32 un-carded picks are used on un-carded players. The way it WAS, maybe only 16 at most were kept, and you certainly had a harder time keeping un-cardeds for multiple years.

My annual bitching and argument against un-limited rosters certain to fall on deaf ears again, but there it is!

Pigman said...

you have my vote. no more *uncarded players would be fine by me.

*not counting injured veterans

DrillerDude said...

AND no more un-limited rosters?

Pigman said...

we don't have unlimited rosters now... but if you mean going back to 15 (or some other number), bring it up for vote. you never know.

Norm said...

I don't know if I would go with "no uncarded players", but I would vote to go back to "the way it was" (i.e., 15 + 2 with a preliminary reserve draft). Effective in 2011, of course.

Other than a cap at 30, do we not now have "unlimited rosters"?

Pigman said...

i'm posting my response as a new entry to draw more attention to your positions on this.

unlimited rosters with a cap at 30.

is that an oxymoron or a paradox? i forget.