Friday, November 06, 2009

Playoff Info and a New Address

The 2009 NASOMA Playoffs will take place at the Pigsty on Saturday, November 21st. The first round features the 3rd seeded and NERDD champion Drillers against the #6 seed Rhinos and the AWD champs and 4th seeded Sidewinders against the #5 seed Wahoos. The Driller/Rhino series may take place earlier. I'll post results as they happen.

The second round will have the winners from the first round meeting the 2nd seeded Buckeyes (MFD champs) and the top-seeded Warpigs, who won the BUD. If things go as usual, the World Series will be Saturday night.

Everyone is invited to come on by. There will be food and drink and maybe a food outing that night.

Also, you need to send (or give) the Snakeman $28 for your 1/16th contribution to get the Snakes on a Plane.

And finally, the Fungoes have a new home. He and Mrs. Fungo have moved out of the rat race and into the country. His new address and new phone number will be posted in the usual hidden place on the website. His cell phone number will, I assume, stay the same.

Maybe we can get him to post some pictures on the Peanut Gallery.

That's all for now.

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