Sunday, March 27, 2016

Schedule Proposal

I know we don't want to spend time at the Draft (assuming it ever gets here) talking about rules, so here's my proposal now for deadlines for playing games. I presented this last fall, and it's basically the same, but I'm adding a schedule for this year.

The games played per month are: 20-20-25-25-25-25-22

Game Schedule Proposal

All dates are the first Sunday in each month. The deadline on those Sundays is 10:00PM (Central Time).

May 1 - 20 games played
June 5 - 40
July 3 - 65
August 7 - 90
September 4 - 115
October 2 - 140
November 6 - 162

Starting in 2017 (Dates of 1st Sunday will vary year to year)
April 2 - 20
May 7 - 40
June 4 - 65
July 2 - 90
August 6 - 115
September 3 - 140
October 1 - 162


Fungoes said...

That looks like it is something we can make happen. If only net play worked well for everyone.....

terry said...

I vote yes

Norm said...

Tweeners vote yes.

MavMan said...

First Sunday in the month? Like the Bees and Mavs will ever keep that straight. How about just the end of the month?

Pigman said...

Actually, the first Sunday of the month should be easier for those of you who can't keep track. Just aim to have your games played by the end of the month like you suggested; they're not due for a couple of days after that, so you should be good WITH A FEW DAYS TO SPARE.