Saturday, December 06, 2014

2014 NASOMA Playoffs Resumes Today

The dice will be rolling at the PigSty today. Come on by. The Warpigs and Fungoes will get started first - around 9:00. The Zapper will get here around noon (assuming the Driller Dude remembers to pick him up at the airport), and the Zaps and Snakes will get started then. The World Series will be some time tonight after their series finishes.

Any predictions? I'll say Fungoes in 4 over the inept Pigs and the Snakes in 7 over the Zaps. That series should be recorded. It will be entertaining. World Series prediction: Fungoes in 5.


The HEAD INMATE said...

Good luck to all!

Norm said...

Rule 27.54: The maximum number of innings a starter can pitch without fatigue is 11.

Rule 27.63: The maximum number of innings a reliever can pitch without fatigue is his POW inning, plus 2.

Rule 27.62: If a pitcher who does not have a rating as a relief pitcher must pitch in relief, give him a POW inning of 1.

Under former NASOMA POW rules, a starter who was used in relief in the playoffs was given a POW number of 9. When we switched to standard S-O-M endurance rules, an advisory opinion was obtained from the Commissioner that in this situation a POW number of 3 would be assigned.

Rule 27.64: Relief pitchers cannot be used more than 2 straight days. After pitching 2 straight days, he must rest at least 1 day.

I think we have never followed that rule, although I do not recall a vote to specifically exclude that rule.

Also note, Rule 27.52: A pitcher used in relief in his last outing should have at least one day of rest before starting (otherwise) consider him fatigued for his entire start.

Who knew all this was in there? To paraphrase Yogi, You can learn a lot about the rules by reading them.