Saturday, December 18, 2010

Looking Ahead - The NERDD 2011

Predicted Order of Finish:

1. FFTs
2. Drillers
3. DVs
4. Fungoes


Pitching: The FFTs have a really good 1-2-3 with Weaver, Oswalt, and Kuroda. There are a few guys fighting it out for the 4th spot, but the limited-inning Strasburg is the key to the FFT's post season rotation. Mariano is still the anchor in the pen, with assistance from Thatcher and Camp.

Lineup: The FFTs can field an all-1 outfield (Hamilton, Bourn, and Ichiro), but the infield defense won't have anyone better than a 3. The offense is solid and will revolve around Hamilton, Carlos Ruiz, Ichiro, Furcal, M.Young, and the Chipper/Manny DH platoon.

Draft: No first round pick, but 3 picks in the first 50 (18, 34, 50). Not great, but not the DVs either.

Needs: Bullpen, first base, and defensive replacements in the infield.

Best case scenario: 90-95 wins and a trip to the World Series.

Worst case scenario: A good pitching staff and middle of the order should keep it from ever getting too ugly. Worst case is probably 81-81 and no playoffs, but that would take a lot of things going wrong.

If the Buckeye managed this team: 120 wins easy.

If the Head Inmate managed this team: Hamilton goes back to drugs, Strasburg never steps on a mound again, and the team loses 90 games (despite outscoring and outhomering their opponents).


Pitching: Lincecum's post season for SF was as good as it gets, but he had a below average (for him) regular season. He, Haren, and Niemann give the Drillers a quality rotation. Even better is the bullpen, with B.Wilson, B.Sanches, and Burnett.

Lineup: One can get Driller-envy looking at 3b (Longoria) and catcher (Posey and Hanigan). And Konerko is an excellent bat at either 1b or DH. It drops off some from there. Vladimir had a fine year, and Murphy, Ludwick, and Jeter are capable producers, but none are great and there are big holes to fill in CF and 2b.

Draft: 3 picks in the top 50 (13, 29, 45).

Needs: 2b, cf, and maybe a 4th starting pitcher who is better than the choices currently on the team.

Best case scenario: 90-95 wins and a first round appearance - maybe even a trip to the second round.

Worst case scenario: The Drillers could take the route of playing for 2012, draft some kids, and lose 90 games. Having Lincecum, Posey, and Longoria puts them in a position where a lot of teams would be happy to trade teams straight up, but the Drillers might be a year away.

If the Buckeye managed this team: 110 wins with Wilson getting 85 saves.

If the Head Inmate managed this team: Ludwick plays CF, Vlad plays RF, and the team goes 82-80 to get the 9th pick in the draft (despite outscoring and outhomering their opponents).


Pitching: Halladay, Cahill, and Latos are as good a 1-2-3 as almost anybody. Bard and Madsen are decent relievers.

Lineup: Fairly solid lineup with Holliday, Kinsler, McCann. Good defense too. Fowler got the cf-1. Andrus got the ss-1. Mags didn't get a 4. Just too many holes to fill.

Draft: And here's the problem. Still suffering the effects of the Halladay acquisition, the DVs have only one pick in the first 50 (21). After that, it's pick 53. Once again the Propeller Head is forced to sit back and belch while watching the other teams in his division get stronger thr0ugh the draft.

Needs: If Holliday is the DH, then there's a hole in LF. Alvarez is a great prospect at 3b, but he's not there yet. Helton at 1b is looking old. And like everybody, bullpen is needed.

Best case scenario: 85-90 wins and a first round "flickin the bean" exit.

Worst case scenario: Too good to play their way to a top 3 draft pick next year, but they could find a way to lose a couple more than they win.

If the Buckeye managed this team: 100 walks for Helton. 100 steals for Andrus. 100 wins for the DVs.

If the Head Inmate managed this team: Halladay walks out during Spring Training and takes a job campaigning for Sarah Palin. Never pitches again. Still, the team wins 80 games (despite outscoring and outhomering their opponents).


Pitching: Down years by Papelbon and... well, just about everybody except Price and Kershaw.

Lineup: Speedy and dangerous at the top (Gardner and Span) and powerful in the middle (Zimmerman and Cruz). That's about it. Wieters is a nice guy to have at catcher, but he's a year or so away from being elite, and by then Berkman and the O-dog will be replacing Mitch Williams in the studio at MLB-TV.

Draft: If the Fungoes are to repeat as NERDD champs, this is where it will happen. They have two 1st round picks and four in the first 50 (5, 11, 27, 43). And the Fungo is one of the best drafters in the league, so anything is possible.

Needs: SS (the Fungoes' dogs were even seen taking groundballs there recently), DH, starting pitching, and relief pitching. Berkman's days at 1b are numbered as well.

Best case scenario: 85-90 wins if they have a great draft.

Worst case scenario: If the Fungoes decide to draft kids to make WTF the place to be in 2012, this team could lose 100.

If the Buckeye managed this team: Price goes 42-3, Kershaw goes 41-4. Then they start every game of the post season, completing them all. Fungoes win! Fungoes win!

If the Head Inmate managed this team: RIP Price and Kershaw. Team wins only 60 games (despite outscoring and outhomering their opponents).

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